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Astro-Z in Zero-G: The Diary of a Space Zucchini - Part 1

From the blog post:

@Astro_Pettit takes care of me. He is a gardener in space.— AstroZ in ZeroG (@Astro_Zuc) April 3, 2012 January 5, 2012 I sprouted, thrust into this world without anyone consulting me. I am not one of the beautiful; I am not one that by any other name instills flutters in ...

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Don, I always enjoy reading your posts. They are both entertaining and informative. The idea of aeroponics is very intriguing and offers a hint at what solutions we may form for dealing with several crises here on Earth. If only we could have a picture of this beautiful little piece of zero-g vegetation!


Brilliant! Exactly how science education should be: funny, human and passionate! Thanks, Don, for this inspiring series of posts!

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