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From the blog post:

In space I see things that are not there. Flashes in my eyes, like luminous dancing fairies, give a subtle display of light that is easy to overlook when I’m consumed by normal tasks. But in the dark confines of my sleep station, with the droopy eyelids of pending sleep, ...

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I wonder if this is something that with prolonged space exploration and study (and evolution) the human body will adapt to higher levels of radiation? The physical manifestation of such a thing only further points to the fact that we can do our best to break down and describe the various aspects of the Universe. But nothing really comes close to just experiencing it.


Hola, quisiera saber cuál es la causa del flujo tan elevado de rayos cósmicos en el área de Argentina y el Atlántico. muchas gracias!!! Saludos. Mariana

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