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From the Diary of a Space Zucchini: My Aching Roots

From the blog post:

March 7 I am making a second set of flowers. They are all male flowers, full of fragrance for my crewmates to enjoy. I see Gardener smile. March 8 Oh my aching roots! I am sick; my flower buds have wilted into little brown nubbins. My leaves have a fringe ...

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Poor little Astro Z & Co. I'm sure your Gardener is doing all they can to take as good of care of you as possible. But Gardener is right, there's nothing to fear about the Great Compost. You'll still be able to help the little ones that will follow in your rooty footsteps, of this I am sure! :)


No need to worry about the Great Compost Zucchini and plant friends. Future space missions may depend on you to provide food, recycled water and air. People on Earth and in space will always remember your work.

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