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From the Diary of a Space Zucchini: Fresh Air

From the blog post:

March 20 There was a time where I had no memory; I thought this must be the Great Compost. Since waking I heard Gardener talking to me about what happened. We were transplanted once again into new plastic bags. Our stems and roots were trimmed. Our water diet was replaced ...

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So glad a new solution has been found to help keep the plants alive! I'm also very glad that the procedures are in place for such dangers as an impending collision. The amount of space debris is a concern of mine, not just for our current astronauts but future as well. Surely some amount may be unavoidable as it is a part of human and scientific evolution. I wonder what the impact would be in the long run for future experiments and travel if the debris pile continues to grow without a solution?


Very interesting to read Zuc's details about the air in the station. His Gardener gets a headache from what he needs urgently for his survival. With virtually no circulation (if not created artificially) exhaled air stays close to where it has been exhaled. For humans too high contents of carbon dioxyde can be fatal if not treated properly.

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