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Astronomy: The Overview Effect for The Rest of Us

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Astronomers Without Borders, an organization I founded in 2007, is based on a simple truth – when we look up at the sky, no matter where we are, we know others are doing the same thing from other countries around the world. At similar latitudes the sky is identical regardless ...

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Hi Mike! We live an extraordinary era! We contemplate the heavens and are overwhelmed not only by their beauty but also their room for huge and unimaginable potentials to our future. I've read and have White's book. What is striking is astronauts going to space in total darkness but turning around, seeing our own Earth as never before. Gene Cernan spacewalked in Low Earth Orbit and had a good look at Earth from Taurus Littrow and said these are two entirely different philosophical views of Earth. Only from the Moon can we understand how limited, fragile, small but beautiful our Planet is. It is a spaceship with 7 billion human beings and the only one we have. Our civilization needs this Planet-awareness.


Mike, What a beautiful essay! I think you have it exactly right. One of the great challenges we face right now is embedded in our language. We talk about "going into space," but we need to talk about "being in space." We are in space we always have been in space, and there is nowhere else to be but in space! The efforts of AWB as well as Fragile Oasis, the Overview Institute, and others will, eventually, help us to change our worldview and understand more clearly our place in this wonderful universe of ours. Frank White


Completely overcome when the asteroid collision with the earth if a combination of the following: (so my english is not good hope you understand): 1. Using electromagnetic propulsion (the principle of operation of an electromagnet), the magnet is attached to the asteroid and spacecraft (the number of ships depending on calculation). 2. Using hydraulics, hydraulic mounted on the spacecraft when it moves close to the asteroid, they will work with any necessary force acting on the asteroid. 3. Attached to the middle of the asteroid that the missiles, but the missiles are only active after they are firmly stuck to the asteroid (the number of calculations), and automatic control. Note: - 03 to be used at the same time, when it is very far from Earth (in addition can be combined with other methods, if any). - When push meteorites, we direct them to Jupiter, or Saturn, to take advantage of the gravity of them, to a certain point, moving asteroids that crashed into Jupiter or Saturn, doing so just clean up the meteorite (we have no chance to get back forwards again, and help scientists study the collision), in addition to the space ship can re-use, if meteorites next. - Is it possible to do experiments at sea before applying them, by we set large ships, to the necessary weight and volume equivalent to the meteorite, then proceed to the combination of doing the same just learn from experience when the manipulation of space (above the basic suggestions, I look forward to working with the scientists to continue the idea and bring peace to our beloved earth . Conec Mr. Dung 01652 396 372 or Email:

Elyse David in response to Ted D.

Ted, If you haven't already seen it, I recommend the short film the book inspired (19 minutes, so grab a cup of something) Nicole Stott also writes about it here:


Well done Mike, I also liked Carl Sagan's description of the Pale Blue Dot, and Jill Tarter gave an inspiring TED talk in 09. For those of us who haven't flown outside our atmosphere, we need people like yourself, Carl, Jill and Frank and so many others that have communicated their experiences, to help us contemplate just who we are, where we came from, and what we are made of. The more people who become aware of such things, the better off mankind's future might be I Haven't read Frank's book as yet, but I sure like the sound of it. That is now on my bucket list as soon as I can find a copy.

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