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Fragile Oasis - My Orbital Perspective

From the blog post:

"We are all spinning around the same thing, all cyclical turning,around this notion that we could love, and be complete." Every night I looked out through the same window, the tree-line high against the ravenblue sky. I'd sit, ritualistically like a teenage monk practicing a mysterious ceremony. Half-lotus on my ...

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Daria, Wow! Thanks for the additional proof that you don't need to be in space to have the orbital perspective.


A fascinating reading, underlining the orbital perspective. Connecting with people from all over the world, promoted by the mutual interest in space and the benefits for the fragile oasis. I'm looking forward to the next posting from you.


Thank you, Daria, for your perspective and hosting the hangout!


Hi Daria, this is so neat and congradulations to you as well.. I just signed up myself to become a member and give support to this site connecting space and earth site. Big Love JoJo :)


Welcome to the community JoJo. We are excited to have you aboard, and thank you Daria for the inspiration!

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