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Stray Light

From the blog post:

Stray light - those nasty reflections off our Space Station windows - can ruin the aesthetics of nighttime imagery and viewing. Reflected light from our numerous control panels and computer screens is hardly noticeable until you closely inspect your pictures, typically after returning to Earth when there is no possibility ...

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AHAHAHAHA this is sooooo coool, and funny and useful (I understand it is really depressing having all these difficulties at taking picture some seem really difficult and impossible to change and instead you did it) I thought that reflectiona also came from the mirrowing of light from the ISS external panels when you mentioned the NODEs. Well .. I also heard that Cupola windows have been recently cleaned from the outside, with the arm.. or that they will be cleaned by the next EVA of August\early September. Really incredible nobody commented this post until now. Well that's way too similar turtle (ninja) outfit, and turtles I hope down on earth and in sea will receive a lot of help from your experiments up there ... there are a lot of programs from World WildLife Fund that are trying to protect them. I have a friend in Italy who was responsible for the campaign. The turtle inspired you this solution for the light so let's give them back with some attention and with dedication of a project to animal\wildlife!

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