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A (New) Moon is Born

From the blog post:

I saw the waning crescent moon, a small sliver of white rising above the Earth limb. It reminded me of a glowing fingernail clipping. Like a rainbow of only blue, the atmosphere on edge filled the gap between Earth and space—electrifying diaphanous beauty. Venus was there, watching. Aldebaran in Taurus ...

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I can't imagine how much it has to be strange between the many different things of being up there, also the fact that your days seems to pass and actually pass differently. The sun starts to appear and disappear every hour and so the moon, the stars are always visible, (not considering that you sea Earth everytime) and you think that you are away from Home but instead you are at Home. It must be amazing and confusing at some point. Moon is amazing and we have so much connection with her. All the liquids do. There is a lot more to know from esoterical studies (just reading and also practicing) the so called magic books ... you can learn a lot of the moon by reading on these topics. Also being an astronomer in the past was considered being a magician\wizard or a witch. I wish we could have these posts more often, you should be going up on the ISS more often!

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