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A Poem for Saturday: One Planet is Not Enough

From the blog post:

Last Day in Space by Don Pettit Tomorrow we light our rocket, we burn our engines and likewise, burn a hole in the sky, And thus fall to Earth. How does one spend your last day in space? Looking at Earth, a blue jewel surrounded by inky blackness, Pure Occipital ...

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Don I write poetry and my thoughts often you should share more often, this gives really the sensation of watching what you witnessed as a man and an astronaut a father and a husband and a human up there through that window. Thank you m.


I would look out the windows as much as possable. I love nature and ded in this project includes space aliens and alternative intelligent life forms. I am happy I found this site. Very informative. I also follow this link called There they are firm believers in a bunch of area 51, space conspiracys.This site allows me to learn some real space science. thanx again

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