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Agat is Up. Hair is Down.

From the blog post:

In the meantime, Yuri, Aki and I got our haircuts - a tradition before launch. The prime crew is not allowed to go to the Soyuz rollout, but all our family and friends were there on a gorgeous Kazakh morning!!!! Agat is up, hair is down. Editor's note: Agat is ...

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Good Luck to Sunita Williams and all her Astro matyes. Jai Mata De!!


Ciao Sunita. Where does your name come from? it has ITA of "Italian" as suffix, but I believe it has indian origin right ? It must be amazing in Baikonur and see the large Russian-Kazakh Soil become from big that it is small as a little dot and also plain and "bigger" then you to curved and "smaller" then you ... unfortunately you can't see outside when escaping earth gravity I guess on shuttle there were windows instead. What about Soyuz? Never forget the meaning of Soyuz... it's "union" and it's the most beautiful message and name that could be given to a space transport I think. We can still invent good one, good names... best, I am following you, keep us posted and inspired!

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