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Southern Lights

From the blog post:

Our time of solitude is rapidly coming to an end. Our new crew mates successfully launched very early this morning. With the 2 days they spend in autonomous flight to reach us, they will arrive around 4:00am GMT on July 17. All of the preparations have been made for their ...

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Learning by doing. I would like to encourage you to take pix.They will get better over time. Thank you for this posting, interesting to read.


Amazing planet Earth coming alive with spectacular Southern Aurora lights covering humans below throughout the midnight sky. Thank you for the post.


Amazing photo. I can't find anywhere in the site, videos. Wish i could see this photo in a video... Thanks for posting it :)


I live in the Southwestern USA. New Mexico. I am not far from White sands missle range, Los Alamos, the VLA, Roswell and more cool spots. I thank everybody that has deticated their lives to study and understanding the nature of science on and off the planet.I really enjoy space tecnology and the fuel systems, structural mechanics and life systems in the great beyond. Also a question. Why do you sleep for short periods of time then awake then asleep.


Oh yeah.. I have never seen the northern or southern lights but the way people describe it is always with awe and a twinkly look in their eyes or passion in their description. Nature has the best "magic show" on and off Earth

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