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Guardians of Earth

From the blog post:

Next week, the international forum uniting generations, "The Guardians of Earth," is bringing together high school students ages 14-17 from around the world to share their ideas for protecting Earth with astronauts, cosmonauts, scholars and each other. This is another example of why you don’t have to be in orbit ...

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What a wonderful program. From the title literal meaning I would like to ask you something Ron. I feel already rapresented and it's fun to read and feel like I was there reading the posts from all the blog guest and Fragile Oasis original crew members but what about letting an italian astronaut to be part of the Bloggeranut team and be able to write post, Luca Parmitano is coming soon and then also Astrosamanta. It would be amazing if it could happen and I believe it would make bigger the interest for Fragile Oasis internationally speaking. Read from you soon! Looking forward to see what are the outcomes of the "Guardians of Earth" meeting. It is definitely helpful for creating a "Space Culture" on Earth. m.


Hi Marco that's a great idea! I will ask Luca and Samantha. Why don't you ask as well via Twitter?

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