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A Typical Day

From the blog post:

Another milestone of our Expedition has been completed – the arrival of HTV3 and the undocking and redocking of 47P (Russian Progress vehicle). What you quickly realize here is that the passing of a milestone is quickly followed by the approach of another. Today, Sunday, we will relax and enjoy ...

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Thanks Joe for this interesting blog post. Can you tell us what is happening in the last picture of your blog post? Also it looks like most of a "typical" day has to do with maintenance work to keep the station running and the crew healthy. How much of a typical day or week has actually to do with experiments/science?


Tim, Joe and Sunita Williams are recording a video message in the Destiny Lab in the 3rd picture. You are right, quite a bit of time is spent on maintenance. Some insight into the science from Suni and from Don Pettit


Great post! That puts it a little more in perspective for us terrestrials!


And who would say you get enough time to look at the stars on the sky. I guess you barely get to see the stars. Great work out there :D


Great... but I have something that I'll never leave to do: to look every night to the sky and appreciate the stars and the Universe! Hugs my brother! Congratulations for your work! Guilherme Rodrigues (Brazil)

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