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The past week sort of defines long duration space fliers. We certainly don’t do the same thing every day, and every day was different with different types of activities for all of us. There is an awesome group of people on the ground – the planners – who know what ...

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sad about Cleo . space shy I think :) pretty hectic day on Monday I guess for the Russian EVA, best wishes


Wow, you've been really busy up there. I am impressed with all the stuff you get to do up there. I would really enjoy doing the science, as that was one of my favorite subjects in school. That and the atmosphere in which you get to work is absolutely awesome. I too would hate to have to wear that nose clip while exercising, but I do understand the why. As for the Halter monitor, you got off easy. While I was in the Navy, they refused to believe that I had high blood pressure, so they looked everywhere for something else to be wrong. I had to wear that thing for a month!!! Every morning, I had to take it off, take my shower, than wire myself back up again. Those sticky pads fall off when you start to sweat, depending on what your doing. Anyhow, in the end, it turned out that I had high blood pressure. Since then, a pill a day has kept the doctor away and its now slightly lower than normal, right where I want it. I would much rather of worn it while serving on the Space Station than on a ship. Enjoy your time up on the Space Station. I would trade positions with you any day for such an opportunity. I've always considered Abraham Lincoln to be the most important person in history, but I've also considered Neil Armstrong to be the greatest explorer of all time. Of course, I consider all our astronauts to be extremely important explorers and by far the bravest of any group. I'm angry that our government allowed NASA to retire the space shuttles without a replacement ready to go. Frankly, I think they should have improved on the shuttle instead of retiring them, as both accidents are directly related to NASA's poor management, who thought it was more important to keep the shuttles flying on schedule instead of taking a much more careful route for the safety of the astronauts and the equipment. They had to know it was too darn cold when icicles were hanging off the launch pad prior to the first accident, and for the second, they knew all along that pieces of foam insulation were being blown off the main fuel tank and hitting the shuttles, but they allowed them to fly without doing anything about it until it was too late. That had to be horrible to be in that shuttle and knowing it was coming apart at the seems around you. And frankly, being that they were to be retired, I would have at least had one attached to the space station for emergency evacuation, as they hold seven or more vice the Russian capsule's three. I don't know the details of the engineering challenges that would have brought to NASA, but if we can pull of such a complicated landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars, I'm sure they could have figured it out. Additionally, now Hubble is out of luck when it comes time to service it, so a huge investment made by the American taxpayers that continues to provide us with terrific science is going to be gone when it still could be upgraded, as it was designed to be upgraded to begin with. As for the James Webb telescope that is supposed to replace it, what are we to do when it craps out and needs repairs while it sitting about a million miles away? Mankind has never traveled that far out into space, so I can only hope that they've planned for getting there, making repairs, and getting back safely. Take care and enjoy your stay on the International Space Station. I envy your job and wish you the best from us down here on the beautiful blue ball called Planet Earth. Jeffrey


I enjoy reading your blog immensely. I am going to be telling my father about how you ran a race, all while being in orbit. He's an avid runner and he will take great interest in that tidbit.

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