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September 12, 2012: The Undocking and Release of the Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle-3 via NASA TV I might have jinxed it. On Tuesday, September 11th, I was explaining my role as a CAPCOM (Capsule Communicator) at Mission Control Houston for the International Space Station. I said, “It’s like in Apollo ...

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Pretty much like the supply ship that hit Mir but here HTV3 stopped itself, amazing !


Completely overcome when the asteroid collision with the earth if a combination of the following: (so my english is not good hope you understand): 1. Using electromagnetic propulsion (the principle of operation of an electromagnet), the magnet is attached to the asteroid and spacecraft (the number of ships depending on calculation). 2. Using hydraulics, hydraulic mounted on the spacecraft when it moves close to the asteroid, they will work with any necessary force acting on the asteroid. 3. Attached to the middle of the asteroid that the missiles, but the missiles are only active after they are firmly stuck to the asteroid (the number of calculations), and automatic control. Note: - 03 to be used at the same time, when it is very far from Earth (in addition can be combined with other methods, if any). - When push meteorites, we direct them to Jupiter, or Saturn, to take advantage of the gravity of them, to a certain point, moving asteroids that crashed into Jupiter or Saturn, doing so just clean up the meteorite (we have no chance to get back forwards again, and help scientists study the collision), in addition to the space ship can re-use, if meteorites next. - Is it possible to do experiments at sea before applying them, by we set large ships, to the necessary weight and volume equivalent to the meteorite, then proceed to the combination of doing the same just learn from experience when the manipulation of space (above the basic suggestions, I look forward to working with the scientists to continue the idea and bring peace to our beloved earth . Conec Mr. Dung 01652 396 372 or Email:

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