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The more time you spend there, the more time you have to take it in, the more you can’t help looking beyond the beauty and thinking about the things that we struggle with down there – the view from on ...

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Splashdown +16 days

It was a little strange waking up this morning and knowing that tonight will be the last night we spend on board Aquarius. I'm really pleased with how quickly Aquarius became such a comfortable place to live and work. It gives me hope that someday if I'm privileged to spend an extended time on board the ISS, that it will ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +13 days

Easter Sunday on Aquarius. We woke up without an alarm and basically had the day off. We had a special celebration of Easter at the end of Ron's family conference. Ron called his friend Monsignor Sable in Rome and he shared some short Easter readings and prayers with us, blessed Aquarius and its crews, and said a blessing for an ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +12 days

This morning we woke up to start another day filled with the CMAS1 EEG task. Unfortunately we had some equipment issues that prevented us from performing the tasks. Tim and Dave did a lot of troubleshooting that hopefully will help the principal investigators determine the cause of the problem. So we had to replan the day. Tim and I went ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +11 days

Started the day with another SL17 dive. Dave and I went out this morning and both donned the lunar backpack config for the cg study and continued work on waterlab. I'm really enjoying the waterlab construction task, and also enjoyed participating in the cg study. On the way out as I was climbing down the habitat column to the sea ...Keep Reading