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The more time you spend there, the more time you have to take it in, the more you can’t help looking beyond the beauty and thinking about the things that we struggle with down there – the view from on ...

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Docking is Cooperation

Yesterday our STS-133 crew had a rendezvous and docking class in the simulator. My memories of docking with the space station on STS-128 stand out for me because of the first beautiful view you get of the ISS as you approach and how it changes from this tiny pinpoint of light to this incredible, shining spacecraft filling up the shuttle ...Keep Reading

My Fragile Oasis Debut Blog --- Thanks Ron!

This is my first blog entry on the Fragile Oasis site. My thanks to Ron Garan for inviting me to participate. I’m really happy to be a part of Fragile Oasis and hoping it will be another exciting way to spread the word about the very positive work that’s going on in space and how that work is helping to ...Keep Reading

Splashup +1 day

More debriefs and interviews today, and then we were set free. Felt a little weird to be wrapping it all up after the time it took to finally get here. I would like to close my journal by thanking my fellow crew members. We had a great team, we still love each other, and I think it’s nice to be ...Keep Reading


Today at approximately 0845 we made our way to the surface, aka splashup. Tim was right -- bittersweet is a good word to use for how the quiet 2 minute swim to the surface felt. We moved away from Aquarius and the boat waiting above us seemed to appear too quickly, but at the same time seeing my family waiting ...Keep Reading