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Nicole Stott

The more time you spend there, the more time you have to take it in, the more you can’t help looking beyond the beauty and thinking about the things that we struggle with down there – the view from on ...

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Space Shuttle Tribute Posters

A collection of tribute posters to the Space Shuttle fleet. We should celebrate these magnificent space vehicles and their contribution to human space flight. For Columbia: This Tribute Display features Columbia, the “first of the fleet”, rising above earth at the dawn of the Space Shuttle Program. Crew-designed patches for each of Columbia’s missions lead from earth toward our remembrance ...Keep Reading

'Dwelling' in Space

Thought I’d post an article and Q& A exchange I had with Bruce Sterling from Dwell Magazine while I was onboard ISS last year. Just a little insight to what it’s like “dwelling” on the space station. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share these things with a new audience. Reading

A Message from Mercury

This is a picture taken by the MESSENGER (Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging) spacecraft, currently just inside the orbit of Mercury at less than 1/3 the distance of Earth from the Sun. It shows the Earth and Moon from 114 million miles away. The Earth and Moon are overexposed to get the star background, but here we are ...Keep Reading

Virtual Reality

Preparing for a space walk involves a mix of really cool training. The place where most of the training for a space walk is done is called the Neutral Buoyancy Lab or NBL, aka a really big pool with a mockup of the space station and the space shuttle payload bay. The space walkers are suited up in real space ...Keep Reading