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Doug Wheelock

Test Pilot; NASA Astronaut: STS-120 & ISS-25; Space Station Commander; Aspiring Poet; Inspired by quiet moments, kindness and the power of the spoken word. Personal Data Born May 5, 1960 in Binghamton, New York and considers Windsor, New York to ...

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I Salute You My Friends

I salute you, my friends! Duty calls and I must fade off the 'grid' for a bit. I'll be flying again, in support of 'Operation Enduring Freedom' and plan to return home sometime in the Fall. If the opportunity arises, I'll try to 'tweet' from 'the zone'. I won't be able to share the details for now...but, be sure that ...Keep Reading

Until We Meet Again

From the ISS Cupola reflecting on a life challenge I heard long ago – 'Be strong enough to know when you are weak... brave enough to face yourself when you are afraid... never substitute words for actions. Learn to stand up in the storm, but have compassion for those who fall. Always have a heart that is clean, a goal ...Keep Reading

A Breath Of Fresh Air

A look inside of our ride home. This is the 'Descent Module' of our Soyuz spacecraft, 'Olympus'. Our Soyuz Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin in the center seat, Shannon to his left and me to his right. Here we are getting ready for our departure and return to the Earth on Thursday evening. That shiny silver dome in front of Fyodor is ...Keep Reading

Leave A Light On For Us

Shannon, me, and Fyodor all suited up in our Sokol (Russian word for 'Falcon') pressure suits in the Russian MRM-1 module. We strapped into our Soyuz capsule 'Olympus' to conduct pressurization and leak checks on our suits. All systems 'go'... the countdown to landing has begun. Leave a light on for us... we’ll be home soon…Keep Reading