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Don Pettit

Don Pettit, who has lived in space for 370 days during three missions, is known as Mr. Wizard, Mr. Fixit, and as Dad. He's a chemical engineer, an Eagle Scout, and an explorer on earth and in space. He is ...

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Stray Light

Stray light - those nasty reflections off our Space Station windows - can ruin the aesthetics of nighttime imagery and viewing. Reflected light from our numerous control panels and computer screens is hardly noticeable until you closely inspect your pictures, typically after returning to Earth when there is no possibility for a retake. The reflections are aggravated by the design ...Keep Reading

From the Diary of a Space Zucchini: Happy Sprout Day!

April 12 We got new aeroponic bags today. They are a new design, much simpler than the old ones. One corner is cut off and then pushed inwards so it points inside the bag. This makes an opening where the water does not crawl out from capillary action. A piece of foam is placed inside to keep the sides from ...Keep Reading

From the Diary of a Space Zucchini - What Do Dragons Eat?

April 2 Oh no, we have algae root! Our plastic potting bags, being transparent, allow our roots to be soaked in light. That does not particularly bother us, but it allows for some freeloaders to make their home in the dampness of our plastic, aeroponic bags. So our planter bags are now turning green with colonies of algae. The gardener ...Keep Reading

From the Diary of a Space Zucchini: An Excuse

Me and my “Buds” have been busy working on our mission together with our animal crewmates over the past two months. On our mission, we have taken nearly 250,000 images, about one quarter of all those taken over the previous 11 years. I have been faithfully making entries into my diary but due to the quantity of our image data ...Keep Reading