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Don Pettit

Don Pettit, who has lived in space for 370 days during three missions, is known as Mr. Wizard, Mr. Fixit, and as Dad. He's a chemical engineer, an Eagle Scout, and an explorer on earth and in space. He is ...

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Stranded Ice

As a mechanism for meteorite concentration, the lateral movement of glaciers from zones of accumulation to ablation is refereed to as "the conveyor belt model." But this simple concept alone does not explain many occurrences in areas where meteorites are found. There are areas of glacier ice, blue glacier ice, that seem to be cut off from lateral movement. In ...Keep Reading

Conveyor Belt

There are a number of theories why meteorites are concentrated on the Antarctic ice sheets by about a factor of 1000 over the intrinsic fall rate [ref 1]. No matter the theory, they all hinge around the fact that the ice sheets are in a balance between growing and shrinking with areas of motion and areas of stagnation. Somehow these ...Keep Reading

Keeping Electronic Gadgets Happy

Even in the wilderness, humans can not seem to do without their electronic devices. We bring crucial mission electronics such as Iridium satellite phones, radios, GPS receivers, and laptop computers. We also bring electronic condiments, items such as cameras, iPods, and DVD players. With a few exceptions, most of these items are consumer grade electronics, and as such are optimized ...Keep Reading

Blue Ice

Feasting one's eyes on the robin egg hue of blue ice presents a natural beauty that rivals a rainbow. If Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, had a sister, she would surely be the goddess of blue ice. Considering the total extent of the East Antarctic ice sheet, these blue ice regions are rather small, extending for only a few ...Keep Reading