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Cady Coleman

I loved my 5 1/2 months on the International Space Station. If I could have packed up my family and brought them with me, I'd never have left! Personal Data Cady is a NASA Astronaut, a Polymer Chemist and a ...

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Music on the Spectrum

There is always someone playing music somewhere! Recently, I was lucky to see the spectrum from one end to the other. First, I played onstage with the traditional Irish band The Chieftains at the Houston Symphony. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfied joined us from aboard the International Space Station. Chris has been my friend, a fellow astronaut and a fellow band ...Keep Reading

It's What We Do

September 12, 2012: The Undocking and Release of the Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle-3 via NASA TV I might have jinxed it. On Tuesday, September 11th, I was explaining my role as a CAPCOM (Capsule Communicator) at Mission Control Houston for the International Space Station. I said, “It’s like in Apollo 13, when the crew calls down and says, ‘Houston, we ...Keep Reading

Climbing Mountains Under the Sea

Editor's note: Have a question for Cady about her exploration here on Earth? Ask her live at 1:30pm Eastern time Wednesday, August 15, 2012. Select 'participate' while you watch from the Nautilus Live website. What’s a nice girl from the International Space Station doing on a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean – climbing a mountain? I’m currently aboard ...Keep Reading