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Bernard Franklin

Formerly a florist, I decided to turn my passion for plants into a full-time job and created a grassroots organization dedicated to rating every florist in Austria. The result of this work bore a beautiful website where customers can find ...

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Sharing the Olympic Spirit

"Watching the Olympics reminds us that we share one planet and that we can respect one another no matter what our differences, yet at the same time we can be proud of who we are and what we represent." Every week, usually at the end of the day on Friday, we have a conference with our Lead Flight Director, Dina ...Keep Reading

A Typical Day

Another milestone of our Expedition has been completed – the arrival of HTV3 and the undocking and redocking of 47P (Russian Progress vehicle). What you quickly realize here is that the passing of a milestone is quickly followed by the approach of another. Today, Sunday, we will relax and enjoy a day of rest. Tomorrow we will begin preparation for ...Keep Reading

Southern Lights

Our time of solitude is rapidly coming to an end. Our new crew mates successfully launched very early this morning. With the 2 days they spend in autonomous flight to reach us, they will arrive around 4:00am GMT on July 17. All of the preparations have been made for their arrival. Since it was not too long ago that I ...Keep Reading

Friends Old and New

It is hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by. My lack of blogging is directly proportional to how busy things have been. As I write this, I am one of the three people on the ISS and the only American. It is pretty cool. The other three members of Expedition 31 went home last Sunday morning with ...Keep Reading