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Suni Williams

NASA astronaut. United States Navy Officer. Dog Lover. Recently returned to Earth after a 6 month mission to the International Space Station Personal Data Born September 19, 1965 in Euclid, Ohio, but considers Needham, Massachusetts to be her hometown. Married ...

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Jack of All Trades

We are here! Wow, what a ride here, what a place to end up. I am so lucky and blessed to be doing the things I am doing. I hope, and truly believe, that what we are doing up here in space will eventually help all of humanity through exploration, innovation, education and to kindle the spirit of curiosity we ...Keep Reading

Agat is Up. Hair is Down.

In the meantime, Yuri, Aki and I got our haircuts - a tradition before launch. The prime crew is not allowed to go to the Soyuz rollout, but all our family and friends were there on a gorgeous Kazakh morning!!!! Agat is up, hair is down. Editor's note: Agat is the Soyuz crew callsign, and the affectionate name Suni gave ...Keep Reading

Agat and the Business End

We got to go into the Soyuz spacecraft one last time to check it out, to see where our stuff is stowed, and to make sure everything is where we want it. “Agat” is beautiful! I refer to her as Agat since that is Yuri Malenchenko's call sign. If you watch the launch on NASA TV you will most likely ...Keep Reading