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Suni Williams

NASA astronaut. United States Navy Officer. Dog Lover. Recently returned to Earth after a 6 month mission to the International Space Station Personal Data Born September 19, 1965 in Euclid, Ohio, but considers Needham, Massachusetts to be her hometown. Married ...

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Well, we are essentially packed – we even put away our Harry Potter glasses…(medical glasses to adjust for ANY vision changes with one pair of glasses). Too bad they look dorky. 100 years ago or so, we started flying, Girl Scouts were established and the Oreo cookie was invented50 years ago or so, the first Satellite was launched 25 years ...Keep Reading

Packing for Earth

Now it is time to start thinking about coming home. Up to this point I haven’t, and sort of denied it. I am still in denial, but I am going through the motions because I don’t want to forget something when the hatch closes…so we are preparing. Space is just really cool. I love it here, just like most folks ...Keep Reading

Turning Over A New Leaf

Fall is beginning in the northern hemisphere. It is easy to see that from up here – the many agricultural fields that were bright green two months ago are all starting to become brown. You can’t stop time. It’s funny, these things, the natural changes on Earth, the seasons, the real day night, the wind then calm - those are ...Keep Reading

Space is Busy, Active and Unkind

We have been pretty much up to our ears in EVA - extravehicular activity or spacewalking - preparations and then spacewalking! I think most of you know we had a spacewalk using the robotic arm Thursday, August 30th. It went sort of long. Getting tools ready You don’t just “go outside.” Usually that is the fun and easy part of ...Keep Reading