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Fragile Oasis founder Ron Garan, who lived and worked in space for 178 days, is a highly decorated Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of ...

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Again we spent the morning in briefings and going over our equipment. We trained on the Kirby-Morgan communication mask that we will use to communicate with each other and with Mission Control (ExPoc) in Houston while on excursions outside of the habitat. We also went over procedures to find excursion lines using our secondary cave reel. In the afternoon we ...Keep Reading


We spent the morning going over the equipment and procedures that we will use with our cave reels to ensure we always have a positive way to get back to the habitat (by tethering a cave reel line to an excursion line). We also went over the lost buddy procedures in the event we get split up from our dive ...Keep Reading


We spent the morning taking our NURC swim test (everyone did great) and going over our scuba gear. We're using twin 100ft3 tanks. In the afternoon we did an equipment shake down dive in the training area at the Aquarius habitat. On the boat ride out to the site three Dolphins followed behind the boat and rode the wake of ...Keep Reading