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Fragile Oasis founder Ron Garan, who lived and worked in space for 178 days, is a highly decorated Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of ...

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Splash Down + 1 Day

Waking up this morning to see the dawn and sea life through our bunk room view port was incredible. Sleeping on the bottom of the ocean was really awesome experience. We fell asleep to the sound of snapping shrimp feeding on the exterior of our habitat. The snapping and crackling of the shrimp sounded to me like the sound of ...Keep Reading

Splash Down

What an amazing day. After spending the weekend getting prepared for the mission, going over our equipment and procedures, we departed Key Largo at 9:30AM. The team said good bye and wished us well. We dove down to Aquarius around 10:30 and navigated around the reef to get the lay of the land. After our dive we entered Aquarius and ...Keep Reading


The last day of formal training started out with a briefing for the entire NURC crew explaining the goals of all the scientific experimentation that we will conduct on the mission. After our morning briefs we headed out to a shallow reef to check out the dive helmets (SuperLite 17) that we will use on our sea walks. The area ...Keep Reading


The morning was spent going over the habitat systems and emergency procedures. Aquarius is an amazing facility and is very similar to a space craft in many ways. In the afternoon we dove on Conch Reef with the Kirby Morgan masks that we will use when we scuba during the mission. These are full-face masks which have communication equipment incorporated ...Keep Reading