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Fragile Oasis founder Ron Garan, who lived and worked in space for 178 days, is a highly decorated Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of ...

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Splash Up (Splash Down +17 Days/Mission Day 18)

Everyone was out of their bunks early today in order to ensure everything was ready for splashup. We finished our final packing while ensuring that the habitat was cleaned and configured for us to depart and leave Aquarius untended. At about 8:30 am, shortly after reaching sea level pressure we initiated blowdown. At this point most of the nitrogen that ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 16 Days

Today is our last full day on Aquarius. As the mission draws to a close I find myself contending with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am very much looking forward to reuniting with my family back in Houston but on the other hand, I am going to miss being a resident of Conch Reef. Dave, Tim, Nicole and ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 15 Days

Today was our last full day of science. The day started out with all of us conducting live radio and television interviews. The interviews were consecutive 10 minute segments with WLW Radio (Cincinnati), CTV Morning Show (Toronto), CH 13 Fox TV (Tampa), CH 26 Fox TV (Houston), and CH 19 Fox TV (Cincinnati). There really seemed to be a lot ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 14 Days

After a wonderful Easter and a much needed day of rest we stepped right back into our fast pace. This morning Tim and Nicole conducted a Superlite sea walk to compare the effectiveness of a grid search using the ROV vs. a human search party. Dave supported their sea walk as their IV while I conducted three media interviews and ...Keep Reading