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Fragile Oasis founder Ron Garan, who lived and worked in space for 178 days, is a highly decorated Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of ...

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Beginnings and Endings: Lots in Between

I’m about to start my seventh week in space. It will be busy one - with the docking of the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the crew of STS-134, and then a few days later, the undocking of the Soyuz spacecraft that will return to Earth with Dima, Paolo and Cady after almost six months in space. Dima, Cady and Paolo ...Keep Reading

The 3rd Rock from the Sun is a Fragile Oasis

by Ron Garan The focus of Fragile Oasis is not on the problems of the world, but on how the problems of the world are being solved by amazing people. Fragile Oasis is dedicated to improving life on our planet, and highlighting those people and organizations making a difference. It is very difficult to look at our beautiful Earth from ...Keep Reading


Every day on the International Space Station brings a new and remarkable experience. For instance, early last week I was working in the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), which is docked to the Russian-built Zvedza Service Module. Suddenly, I heard what can only be described as the banging of a muffled bass drum reverberating off the metallic shell of the ATV. ...Keep Reading

Happy Easter From the International Space Station

I am writing this very early Easter morning. I took pictures of the Holy Land and other areas in the region yesterday, April 23rd, and thought it appropriate to share with everyone. Jerusalem It's interesting that I've spent one Easter (2006) living on the bottom of the ocean during the NEEMO-9 mission and now I'm spending one in space. Scuttle ...Keep Reading