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Ron Garan

Fragile Oasis founder Ron Garan, who lived and worked in space for 178 days, is a highly decorated Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of ...

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STS-135 Spacewalk Wrap-up

Mike Fossum and I were working outside the International Space Station on July 12; STS-135 Mission Specialist Rex Walheim choreographed our space-walk from the inside. We talked about the Spacewalk and our Fragile Oasis, the day before he and the rest of the STS-135 crew left the Space Station aboard Atlantis for one last ride home. When I climbed through ...Keep Reading

Cupola Corner 1 - Conversation With Chris Ferguson

Atlantis Commander Chris Ferguson joined me in the International Space Station cupola for some conversation about the space shuttle, and how we can communicate what we see from space in a way that will inspire people to make a difference. How are you making a difference on our Fragile Oasis?Keep Reading

The Stuff of Life - A TED Talk From Space

TED exclusive video: US astronaut Ron Garan is currently on board the International Space Station with five colleagues from the US, Russia and Europe. (This is Garan's second trip to the ISS.) For TEDGlobal, he recorded a talk sharing the perspective from space and describing the wide range of scientific experiments that are run on the station during missions, taking ...Keep Reading

In the Spirit of Yuri's Night - Thank you #FromSpace

I accept this (Spirit of Yuri's Night) award on behalf of everyone who is striving to use space exploration to contribute to the future of humanity on earth and in space, and the people involved with our efforts at Fragile Oasis to use the orbital perspective to help inspire people to make a positive difference on our planet. [Editor's note: ...Keep Reading