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People always ask if it gets boring up here. I can unequivocally say NEVER! It seems like something is always happening. We were talking about all the activities we do in one day, and how they can range from vacuuming, to changing out the toilet can, to drawing blood, taking acoustic measurements, to ultra sounding your heart, to capturing an ...Keep Reading

A Typical Day

Another milestone of our Expedition has been completed – the arrival of HTV3 and the undocking and redocking of 47P (Russian Progress vehicle). What you quickly realize here is that the passing of a milestone is quickly followed by the approach of another. Today, Sunday, we will relax and enjoy a day of rest. Tomorrow we will begin preparation for ...Keep Reading

Jack of All Trades

We are here! Wow, what a ride here, what a place to end up. I am so lucky and blessed to be doing the things I am doing. I hope, and truly believe, that what we are doing up here in space will eventually help all of humanity through exploration, innovation, education and to kindle the spirit of curiosity we ...Keep Reading

Guardians of Earth

Next week, the international forum uniting generations, "The Guardians of Earth," is bringing together high school students ages 14-17 from around the world to share their ideas for protecting Earth with astronauts, cosmonauts, scholars and each other. This is another example of why you don’t have to be in orbit to have the orbital perspective, Based on the belief that ...Keep Reading

Do 1 Thing Day - July 20, 2012

What are you doing on Friday, July 20, 2012? On behalf of the Fragile Oasis team, I invite you to roll up your sleeves and Do 1 Thing to make life better on this planet we call home. July 20th is a special day in the history of humankind. We celebrate the day 43 years ago when two of the ...Keep Reading

Southern Lights

Our time of solitude is rapidly coming to an end. Our new crew mates successfully launched very early this morning. With the 2 days they spend in autonomous flight to reach us, they will arrive around 4:00am GMT on July 17. All of the preparations have been made for their arrival. Since it was not too long ago that I ...Keep Reading

Friends Old and New

It is hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by. My lack of blogging is directly proportional to how busy things have been. As I write this, I am one of the three people on the ISS and the only American. It is pretty cool. The other three members of Expedition 31 went home last Sunday morning with ...Keep Reading

Agat is Up. Hair is Down.

In the meantime, Yuri, Aki and I got our haircuts - a tradition before launch. The prime crew is not allowed to go to the Soyuz rollout, but all our family and friends were there on a gorgeous Kazakh morning!!!! Agat is up, hair is down. Editor's note: Agat is the Soyuz crew callsign, and the affectionate name Suni gave ...Keep Reading

Agat and the Business End

We got to go into the Soyuz spacecraft one last time to check it out, to see where our stuff is stowed, and to make sure everything is where we want it. “Agat” is beautiful! I refer to her as Agat since that is Yuri Malenchenko's call sign. If you watch the launch on NASA TV you will most likely ...Keep Reading

Fireworks July 5, 1777

On Saturday, July 5, 1777, a day after the anniversary of American Independence, the revolutionary John Adams wrote to his daughter from Philadelphia that he “was surprised to find the whole city lighting up their candles at the windows.” The year before, on July 4, 1776, representatives of the 13 American colonies were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to declare independence from ...Keep Reading