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Splash Down + 4 Days

Today was a day of computer challenges. We spent a good portion of the day overcoming several computer malfunctions that affected some of our science experiments, the operation of our remotely controlled vehicles and our interface with our in-water electronic mapping and tracking equipment. We were able to work through most of the problems and we came up with a ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +4 days

Had a great night's sleep last night and found myself very comfortable in my bunk this morning when the 06:00 alarm went off. It's very cool and now strangely reassuring to wake up every morning and have our friends the groupers still looking in on us! We got off to a quick start this morning. More CMAS1 activities throughout the ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 3 Days

I think today was the busiest day so far (at least it feels that way). The highlight of the day was definitely the "sea walk" that Dave and I performed on the sea floor around Aquarius. The weight belt that we wore approximated the gravity that we would experience on the Moon. In addition to the three separate simulated surgeries ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +3 days

Today I celebrated my 9 year wedding anniversary at 60 feet undersea. Jim and Ross were kind enough to let me post an anniversary greeting to Chris so that he could see it on the cameras. I think it went over well. I'm very fortunate to have a family that understands my being away for important training like this. We ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 2 Days

What an incredible day. The day started out with a test drive/fly of one of our remotely controlled vehicles (ROVs) affectionately called Skuttle. We started by flying the vehicle off the "porch" on the back of the habitat. We flew it over to a location where we believed simulated lunar samples were located. We landed near the site and drove ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +2 days

Today we had a really nice mix of exploration and science activities on our schedule. Very busy, but fun stuff. Today was the first day we got to fly the remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) 'Scuttle' around outside the habitat. We flew it as the operator from inside the habitat and our mission support team flew it as the operator remotely from ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 1 Day

Waking up this morning to see the dawn and sea life through our bunk room view port was incredible. Sleeping on the bottom of the ocean was really awesome experience. We fell asleep to the sound of snapping shrimp feeding on the exterior of our habitat. The snapping and crackling of the shrimp sounded to me like the sound of ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +1 day

Had a great first night's sleep in my Aquarius bunk. If you pay attention during the day, you can hear a constant crackling sound from outside on the hull (sounds a lot like the embers of a fire crackling as it goes out). At night, when everything is quiet and you're lying in your bed, you can't help but hear ...Keep Reading

Splash Down

What an amazing day. After spending the weekend getting prepared for the mission, going over our equipment and procedures, we departed Key Largo at 9:30AM. The team said good bye and wished us well. We dove down to Aquarius around 10:30 and navigated around the reef to get the lay of the land. After our dive we entered Aquarius and ...Keep Reading


Splashdown!!!!! (10:37 am) It's still a little hard to believe this day is finally here! This morning we were blessed with a very different sea state than we had during our training week -- it was beautiful! No more than 1-2 foot seas; as far as we were concerned it was like glass. Was so nice to get suited up ...Keep Reading