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Splash Down + 9 Days

Today was another day in the water. Dave and I spent the morning electronically mapping our simulated landing area. While we were on the excursion, Mission Control in Houston and our crewmembers in Aquarius tracked our location and progress via our diver tracking system. We spent a good portion of the day operating the rover and observing Mission Control operating ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +9 days

It was pretty exciting to me to be here living and working on Aquarius on the 25th anniversary of STS-1. Makes me think about how far we've come with the space program, and how much we have to look forward to with the future exploration plans --- and it's pretty cool to be participating in a NEEMO mission that is ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 8 Days

Well we're past the halfway point in the mission. Today we spent a lot of time outside. This morning Dave, Nicole, Tim and I proceeded South from the habitat. Our mission was to map and mark an area of our simulated lunar landing site and communicate with Mission Control in Houston each step of the way. Dave and Nicole took ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +8 days

We woke up this morning and Tim and Ross showed us video of an amazing sight they had through the viewport window late last night. At night most of the lights are turned down in the habitat, but not off completely in case of an emergency. But it is much darker inside than during the day. At night there are ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 7 Days

Today was another exciting day. The first thing I did in the morning was hang a sign in front of the main lock internet camera wishing Ronnie and Joseph a happy birthday. They both commented later in the day (when I called them) that they saw the sign on the internet. I wish I could be there for their birthday. ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +7 days

With the expert assistance of Jim and Ross, Tim and I got suited up first thing in the SL17 rig. Today was the first day of constructing Waterlab. Waterlab is a pvc structure that we put together to simulate a construction task in space. For our exploration analog we're treating Waterlab as our communication tower. We enjoyed the time we ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 6 Days

Today is Palm Sunday and a very appropriate day to conduct our dawn dive. Dave, Nicole, Tim, and I departed from Aquarius before sunrise. We proceeded to the South and found a nice spot on the reef to observe the change in sea life as the environment transitioned from night to day. The sea life was spectacular we saw a ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +6 days

Well…. Haven’t done my journal for today yet, but here are the highlights: Dawn dive – Beautiful!!! First session with remote surgery --- robot set up here and surgeon in Canada More to come next week!Keep Reading

Splash Down + 5 Days

Today is Carmel's birthday so the first thing I did when I awoke this morning was to hang a "Happy Birthday" sign on the wall immediately in front of the camera that broadcasts to the internet. I wish I could be there to celebrate Carmel's birthday with her. The best I could do was pre-position presents and cards, send flowers ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +5 days

Today is Saturday, but we still have a pretty full schedule. Makes sense that when you have a limited amount of time in a mission like this, on such a specialized facility, and you want to complete as much science as possible, that you take advantage of all the days you can. We feel really fortunate to have such a ...Keep Reading