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Splash Down + 15 Days

Today was our last full day of science. The day started out with all of us conducting live radio and television interviews. The interviews were consecutive 10 minute segments with WLW Radio (Cincinnati), CTV Morning Show (Toronto), CH 13 Fox TV (Tampa), CH 26 Fox TV (Houston), and CH 19 Fox TV (Cincinnati). There really seemed to be a lot ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 14 Days

After a wonderful Easter and a much needed day of rest we stepped right back into our fast pace. This morning Tim and Nicole conducted a Superlite sea walk to compare the effectiveness of a grid search using the ROV vs. a human search party. Dave supported their sea walk as their IV while I conducted three media interviews and ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 13 Days

What a unique place to wake up on Easter morning. Last night during our dive I had time to reflect on the incredible blessing we all have been given to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord while marveling at God's undersea creation. Dave brought some STS-107 pins with us on the mission. We decided that Easter was a perfect day ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +13 days

Easter Sunday on Aquarius. We woke up without an alarm and basically had the day off. We had a special celebration of Easter at the end of Ron's family conference. Ron called his friend Monsignor Sable in Rome and he shared some short Easter readings and prayers with us, blessed Aquarius and its crews, and said a blessing for an ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 12 Days

Again today we had computer problems that threatened to bring our planned science activities to a halt. We had to replan on the fly. We substituted the University of Nebraska mini surgical robot in for the EEG experiment and Tim and Nicole went outside to work on Waterlab. Later in the day Dave and I conducted an evaluation of the ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +12 days

This morning we woke up to start another day filled with the CMAS1 EEG task. Unfortunately we had some equipment issues that prevented us from performing the tasks. Tim and Dave did a lot of troubleshooting that hopefully will help the principal investigators determine the cause of the problem. So we had to replan the day. Tim and I went ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 11 Days

Today started out with Dave and Nicole continuing the construction of WaterLab with me working as their IV. The IV is the crewmember who choreographs the extravehicular activity (EVA). It was an exciting time backing up Dave and Nicole on their construction, while simultaneously controlling the dive, setting up the ROV to be controlled from Houston, monitoring ROV operation, while ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +11 days

Started the day with another SL17 dive. Dave and I went out this morning and both donned the lunar backpack config for the cg study and continued work on waterlab. I'm really enjoying the waterlab construction task, and also enjoyed participating in the cg study. On the way out as I was climbing down the habitat column to the sea ...Keep Reading

Splash Down + 10 Days

This morning started out with Dave and I suiting up into our simulated lunar exploration suits (Superlite 17 Dive helmet with a simulated Primary Life Support System (PLSS)). This PLSS in conjunction with the weights that we were wearing allowed us to experience the same gravity as the Moon. We heading out from Aquarius to our undersea construction site. We ...Keep Reading

Splashdown +10 days

Waterlab was the focus of our morning today. Ron and Dave went out on the SL17 rigs and Lunar space suit back pack simulators, and Tim and I provided the ROV setup and IV support. With direction from us inside the habitat and from the crew, the ExPOC operated the ROV in a surveillance mode for the operation. We now ...Keep Reading