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First Fragile Oasis Blog Post From Space

We’ve enjoyed the beauty of the Southern Lights over the past several weeks. Now with increased solar activity and as the Summer slowly wanes into Autumn, the Northern Lights are beginning to dance across the skies. The Earth just never ceases to amaze us. Color…Motion…Life…Blessed Days…Sacred Nights… With the pump module problem resolved ‘outside’, we were able to power on ...Keep Reading

Anniversaries & Memories of My 1st Space Adventure

Saturday was the 1 year anniversary of the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery and her STS128 crew (and also, coincidentally, the 10 year anniversary of the day the class of 2000 astronauts arrived to Houston for astronaut training). This was the beginning of my first trip to space. I couldn’t have asked for better crew mates to share this ...Keep Reading

U2 & NASA Collaboration Video

I am such a huge fan of using creative approaches to spreading the good word about NASA to audiences that might not otherwise take notice. Thanks go out to U2 for sharing their excitement for our space program. Also, it was really cool to get to talk with Bono & the Edge from the space station! ------------------------- Excerpt from the ...Keep Reading

Space Shuttle Tribute Posters

A collection of tribute posters to the Space Shuttle fleet. We should celebrate these magnificent space vehicles and their contribution to human space flight. For Columbia: This Tribute Display features Columbia, the “first of the fleet”, rising above earth at the dawn of the Space Shuttle Program. Crew-designed patches for each of Columbia’s missions lead from earth toward our remembrance ...Keep Reading

'Dwelling' in Space

Thought I’d post an article and Q& A exchange I had with Bruce Sterling from Dwell Magazine while I was onboard ISS last year. Just a little insight to what it’s like “dwelling” on the space station. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share these things with a new audience. Reading

Forecasting Volcanoes & Earthquakes and Making Better Mayonnaise

This is the 4th in a series of posts to highlight the scientific research being conducted on board the International Space Station. I spent the last week at the European Astronaut Center just outside the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany. I have one more week here before I head to Star City Russia for more training with the Russian Space ...Keep Reading

A Message from Mercury

This is a picture taken by the MESSENGER (Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging) spacecraft, currently just inside the orbit of Mercury at less than 1/3 the distance of Earth from the Sun. It shows the Earth and Moon from 114 million miles away. The Earth and Moon are overexposed to get the star background, but here we are ...Keep Reading

On the Road Again

Okay, here I sit in the Houston airport in what has become an all too familiar part of Space Station training (life on the road). This trip should be very interesting. I’ll first spend 2 weeks in Cologne Germany at the European Astronaut Center (EAC) where I will train on the systems and scientific experiments of the European Laboratory on ...Keep Reading

Virtual Reality

Preparing for a space walk involves a mix of really cool training. The place where most of the training for a space walk is done is called the Neutral Buoyancy Lab or NBL, aka a really big pool with a mockup of the space station and the space shuttle payload bay. The space walkers are suited up in real space ...Keep Reading