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The Sails Are Set. Our Course Is Sure. Our Destiny Awaits.

Where natural beauty and human recklessness collide in a big way. Madagascar is so beautiful and so unique, but seeing the streams choked with silt as a result of inland deforestation really saddens me. I hope things can turn around there and future generations will be able to experience this place. Have you been there? What is it like? You ...Keep Reading

World Space Week

World Space Week, October 4-10 To celebrate each year at the international level the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition" -- as declared by the United Nations General Assembly Global recognition of the importance of space exploration and its benefits to life here on Earth. Last year during ISS Expedition 21, Bob ...Keep Reading

Reporting from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on the 53rd Anniversary of Sputnik, the 1st Object Launched into Space

Fifty three years ago today humanity was forever changed when our first few steps to extend human presence beyond our world were made. It is an incredible experience to be in that place where the first object Sputnik, and the first human Yuri Gagarin were launched into space. The Expedition 25 prime and backup crews have been in Kazakhstan for ...Keep Reading

Starry Starry Night: Celestial Lights & The Ancient Moon

A breath-taking masterpiece being painted in the sky over the South Pole. 'The Southern Lights' brush strokes from the Master's hand… The sacred night makes me think of my favorite impressionist and one of my favorite songs...”Starry, starry night…Paint your palette blue and gray…Look out on a summer's day,... With eyes that know the darkness in my soul….” “…Shadows on ...Keep Reading

Pre-Flight Preparation & Tradition: On the Road to Baikonur

Last week was an interesting week to say the least. The week started off with final flight readiness exams for the primary and backup crews of Expedition 25. On the first day, the primary crew of Scott Kelly, Alexander Kaleri, and Oleg Skripochka had a full day-long exam in a training facility that mimics the Russian section of the Space ...Keep Reading

Honoring 50 Years of Human Space Flight: Introducing The Expedition 28 Mission Patch

It is great honor to introduce the newly approved Expedition 28 mission patch. Our patch has a very special significance to us because through the design we are able to celebrate 50 years of human spaceflight. In the foreground of the patch, the International Space Station is prominently displayed to acknowledge the efforts of the entire International Space Station (ISS) ...Keep Reading

Training & Tribute: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City, Russia

Well, the second week of training in Star City has ended and it has been a busy week. The prime and backup crews of Expedition 25 have completed all the required pre-launch training in both the Soyuz spacecraft and the Russian Segment of the International Space Station. Last week we had meetings at Mission Control, just outside of Moscow, with ...Keep Reading

Without Borders

Beautiful reflection of sunlight on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. No borders or conflict visible from space…just breath-taking beauty like this view of the island of Cyprus. Over the Sahara Desert approaching ancient lands and thousands of years of history. The Nile River flowing through Egypt past the pyramids of Giza up to Cairo in the delta; the Red Sea, Sinai ...Keep Reading

Hurricane Earl

The ‘Cupola’, attached to the nadir side of the Space Station, gives a panoramic view of our beautiful planet. Fyodor took this picture from the window of the Russian Docking Compartment (Airlock). Here I am in the Cupola preparing a camera for our late evening Hurricane Earl flyover…trying to capture the moment… Out over the central Atlantic, just before another ...Keep Reading