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Join the Orbital Perspective Launch Crew

I am really excited to report that we are fast approaching the official release of The Orbital Perspective – Lessons in Seeing the Big Picture from a Journey of 71 Million Miles, the book I wanted to write since returning to Earth from my first space mission in 2008.

Launching on Space Shuttle Discovery fulfilled a lifelong dream. It also marked the start of another quest - a quest that has led me to reject the status quo on our planet, and to work toward reducing the sobering contradiction we see when we look at our planet from space. It is a quest to nudge us along a path that makes life on Earth as beautiful for its inhabitants as our planet looks from space.

I returned from that mission with a compelling need to share the profound sense of hope that was seared into my awareness from the experience. I call this awareness the orbital perspective.

This awareness comes with a responsibility to highlight the need for effective global collaboration - the same kind of collaboration that built and sustains the International Space Station where I lived and worked for nearly six months during my second space mission. My goal in writing this book is to spark change - the simple, exponential and powerful change collaboration can and does produce.

I invite you to help me ignite this change by applying to become a member of the Orbital Perspective Launch Crew. Please help share this message of HOPE with the world. #TheKeyIsWe