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The British Are Waiting

On July 4, 1776, a fleet of British naval ships was waiting in New York Harbor as the representatives of the 13 American colonies gathered in Philadelphia to declare their independence from Great Britain. A few days later, two frigates raised anchor, and with guns blazing charged up the Hudson River passing fortifications on the New York and New Jersey sides.

The British Commander in Chief for America was convinced this show of force was sufficient reason for the American Commander in Chief to accept a truce. General George Washington politely declined.

(bottom) Provincetown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where the Mayflower dropped anchor after a 3,000 mile voyage across the Atlantic from Plymouth Harbor in England; (center) New York Harbor and the mouth of the Hudson River, the planned destination of the Mayflower; New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Beyond the horizon, dreams of freedom from the orbital perspective of astronauts and cosmonauts living and working together in space 16 June 2014. Photo Credit: NASA