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Making An Impact - The Fragile Oasis Prize Medal Nominees

The Fragile Oasis community was established to unite crewmembers on the spaceship we call Earth in the common goal of sharing our humanity and improving our world. Its purpose is to inspire, recognize, and help each other in our collective quest to make life better on our planet.

One of the many videos I shot with a webcam during Expedition 27 and 28. This one shows the Fragile Oasis Prize Medal floating in the cupola!

To help accomplish this, Fragile Oasis crewmembers nominate Earth-based projects that are making the world a better place and have the opportunity to collaborate in the Fragile Oasis discussion forums on ideas to strengthen the individual projects or to help the project meet goals.

The Fragile Oasis community selected nine of these projects to be considered for a Fragile Oasis Prize medal for making an impact on Earth in the categories of Education, Humanitarian Service and Peace. You have the opportunity to weigh in by voting for one project in each category by July 14th. We will announce the winners on July 20th, the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, and the anniversary of the Fragile Oasis community.

I’m really looking forward to presenting medals that flew with me in space to the winning projects – one in each category. Let me tell you about each of the nominees.


Convoy for Hope – Food for Famine Relief in Somalia overcame obstacles to become one of the first humanitarian efforts in Somalia after the United Nations declared its drought the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.

Engineers Without Borders is helping an orphanage in Rwanda become financially self sufficient by developing a way to dry fruit growing in the surrounding hills so it can be brought to market, opening a path to sustainability and opportunity for the children’s future.

Solar Cooker Project for Women from Darfur continuously provides the Iridimi Refugee Camp in Chad with basic solar cookers so refugees from Darfur have a way to independently cook food without having to gather firewood, a dangerous task of everyday life in the region.


Free the Water works to raise awareness about Earth’s water and how humanity uses this most precious resource.

Space Shuttle Guide is working to document every light, switch and button on each of the space shuttles, developing and preserving an historical record for future generations.

Surcos Argentina - Argentina Grooves is a group of Argentinian students who help poor families plan, plant and harvest gardens, leading to better health and self-reliance.


Nobel Women's Initiative is the effort of six female Nobel Peace Laureates who take the honor of their award as the responsibility to collaboratively work for a more peaceful and just world.

Project Heal Service Dogs For Wounded Veterans is a program that trains at-risk teenagers living in residential schools to train service dogs, then pairs both with wounded American veterans to help them live independently.

World's Biggest Dream Board provides safe online spaces for people to dream about the future and to help each other accomplish goals.

Each of these projects, and the people who work so hard to accomplish their goals, demonstrates that you don’t have to be in orbit to have the orbital perspective.

Please take a few moments to vote for the one project in each category you believe has the biggest positive impact.