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From the Diary of a Space Zucchini: Happy Sprout Day!

April 12
We got new aeroponic bags today. They are a new design, much simpler than the old ones. One corner is cut off and then pushed inwards so it points inside the bag. This makes an opening where the water does not crawl out from capillary action. A piece of foam is placed inside to keep the sides from collapsing so the bag remains puffed up. Our root ball is squeezed through the cut corner so our roots hang inside the puffed up part of the bag. Then about 50 milliliters of water with nutrient tea is injected inside through the opening. Our roots hang mostly in the air but can grow into water if desired. We like our new bags.

April 19
Our algae friends moved with us into our new aeroponic bags so our roots are once again turning green. I sort of like these little fellows; they tickle my roots when they swim around. Our leaves are happy. It will be awhile before I am ready to bloom again.

April 20
This is so strange. I overheard my crew wishing Gardener a happy sprout day. Why would anyone want to celebrate the day they sprouted?

To celebrate Gardener's sprout day, Commander Dan Burbank played the guitar and Anton Shkaplerov played the keyboard, while Broc, Sunflower and I (out of frame) played along with this custom. Sprout day?