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STS-135 Spacewalk Wrap-up

Mike Fossum and I were working outside the International Space Station on July 12; STS-135 Mission Specialist Rex Walheim choreographed our space-walk from the inside. We talked about the Spacewalk and our Fragile Oasis, the day before he and the rest of the STS-135 crew left the Space Station aboard Atlantis for one last ride home.

When I climbed through the hatch to start the EVA, this is what I saw. Sandy Magnus took this picture from the Space Station Cupola. Beautiful Atlantis, with the southern tip of Florida under her tail, with Lake Okeechobee clearly in view. To the right, the Bahamas, with Grand Bahama (center) and Great Abaco (top right). Below them the Berry Islands, towards the bottom, Andros Island. Along the latter’s east coast the famous “Tongue of the Ocean,” a deep sea trench of that characteristic shape. At the upper end of the Tongue, New Providence Island with the Bahamas‘ capital Nassau. To the right, Eleuthera Island.