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Greetings from the Commander of the ISS

Dear friends!

On behalf of the crew of the International Space Station, I would like to congratulate you on the 50th anniversary of the first-ever manned space mission. This event was made possible thanks to the tremendous and selfless work of millions of people: engineers, designers, scientists, workers and employees.

Flight of Yuri Gagarin's opened a new epoch in human development and started the learning space. Employees of the space industry and all who are interested in space history, modern development of manned space flight! You make a huge contribution to the popularization and dissemination of knowledge about space exploration. Thanks to you, future generations will remember their history and further push the limits of our knowledge.

I want to wish all of you enthusiasts of space research, further progress in the implementation of your plans, interesting projects, exploration of new frontiers of science and technology!

The commander of Expedition 27 to ISS
Dmitry Kondratiev
April 12, 2011

Cross posted from Russian Space Agency