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Hurricane Earl

The ‘Cupola’, attached to the nadir side of the Space Station, gives a panoramic view of our beautiful planet. Fyodor took this picture from the window of the Russian Docking Compartment (Airlock). Here I am in the Cupola preparing a camera for our late evening Hurricane Earl flyover…trying to capture the moment…

Out over the central Atlantic, just before another spectacular sunset, with the spiral bands of Hurricane Earl visible in the setting sun. An interesting view of the life-giving energy of our sun. The solar arrays on the port side of the Space Station as well as Hurricane Earl…both gathering the last bit of energy before they fall into eclipse.

Hurricane Earl is gathering some serious strength. It is incredible what a difference a day makes when you’re dealing with this force of nature. Please keep a watchful eye on this one...not sure if Earl will go quietly into the night like Danielle. Earl – “Go placidly amid the noise and haste…and remember what peace there may be in silence…”

Approaching Hurricane Earl, a little after 5:00pm EDT on Thursday…in the gap between ISS structure you can clearly see the state of Florida, Lake Okeechobee, the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and Cuba (behind the starboard solar arrays). Looks like a gorgeous summer day in south Florida…such a contrast to what lies just off shore…

Just moments after the previous photo…caught this image of the eye of the storm as we flew over Hurricane Earl just to the east. It looks like magnificent chaos from up here on the Space Station…an incredibly breathtaking sight to see this storm. Many prayers from space going out to those in the path…please stay alert.