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First Fragile Oasis Blog Post From Space

We’ve enjoyed the beauty of the Southern Lights over the past several weeks. Now with increased solar activity and as the Summer slowly wanes into Autumn, the Northern Lights are beginning to dance across the skies. The Earth just never ceases to amaze us. Color…Motion…Life…Blessed Days…Sacred Nights…

With the pump module problem resolved ‘outside’, we were able to power on the laboratories and get back to the business of science ‘inside.’ This is the ‘Marangoni Bridge’ fluid physics experiment in the Japanese Lab. Promising discoveries await us in medicine, energy, and computing as we look at the transport of energy in a liquid bridge in micro-gravity.

At the southern end of South America lies the jewel of Patagonia. The awe-inspiring beauty of rugged mountains, massive glaciers, fjords, and the open sea collide in a breathtaking display. I have dreams of this place and wonder what it would be like to breathe this air. Pure majesty!

Hurricane Danielle – as we passed directly overhead this evening in the central Atlantic. I’m not a tropical storm expert by any means, but Danielle looks very well-organized with a very well-defined eye. The storm looks spectacularly peaceful from this vantage point…but, I can only imagine the tempest below those clouds. Many thoughts and prayers from space for a favorable path.

“The City That Never Sleeps”… New York , New York on a clear summer night.