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They say our love won't pay the rent - A prelaunch blog.

Here in quarantine, it’s been a lot like that morning wakeup scene from the movie Groundhog Day. Today we all hit the alarm clock again to the tune of Sonny &
Cher ringing in our ears.  Not really, but L-1 here we go again.

So… we went  into quarantine on October 25th with our original launch date set for a week later on November 1st.  Well… the space shuttle is a complex machine and so is the Florida weather.  So… we wait, knowing that there are a lot of people out there doing everything they can to keep us safe when we finally lift off from the launch pad.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are all most definitely looking forward to our flight to space and the amazing experience we have ahead of us.   We all KNOW it will be amazing and we KNOW there will be some wonderful surprises waiting for us. But, these “bonus” days have given us another opportunity to enjoy some things Earthly before we go.

While we’re in quarantine we are basically kept isolated from people. Aside from a couple special events, there is only a small group of people that we come in direct contact with, and otherwise we stay inside crew quarters to ourselves.

Alligator Lake on KSC --- picture from one of my morning bike rides.  Think we counted at least 30 we could see in the water that day.

Beach House

Beach House --- the chance to spend some time as a crew and with our spouses on the beach

Traditional “wave across the ditch” --- a chance the day before launch to see our family and close friends “from a distance”

With luck our quarantine will end tomorrow and we’ll move from L-1 to Launch!