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The Sails Are Set. Our Course Is Sure. Our Destiny Awaits.

Where natural beauty and human recklessness collide in a big way. Madagascar is so beautiful and so unique, but seeing the streams choked with silt as a result of inland deforestation really saddens me. I hope things can turn around there and future generations will be able to experience this place. Have you been there? What is it like?

You won't need any hints to guess this city - ancient and alluring - a seat of power, saturated with history - a powerful witness to the very best and very worst of the human condition. Look closely and find countless landmarks that fill this city. You know this place - even if you've never been here.

The Kamchatka peninsula in the Russian Far East is a breathtaking display of the majesty of pristine wilderness. Seeing these active volcanoes and the vast forests breathes life into your soul, much like the beauty of Patagonia. I dream of visiting Kamchatka one day.

The mystery pic (Editor's note: image above) is the timeless city of Rome and the Vatican. Here is the official poster of our Expedition 25 crew. It is so great to have Sasha, Scott and Oleg aboard the Space Station with us on this incredible journey of discovery. The ship sails are set, our course is sure, and our destiny awaits.