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Splashdown +9 days

It was pretty exciting to me to be here living and working on Aquarius on the 25th anniversary of STS-1.  Makes me think about how far we've come with the space program, and how much we have to look forward to with the future exploration plans --- and it's pretty cool to be participating in a NEEMO mission that is focused on exploration.

A lot of diving today.  Ron and Dave had a dive in the morning.  And Tim and I had a 2 plus hour dive in the afternoon using both the CobraTac navigation system and the Linkquest dive tracker.  Today we used the CobraTac to track to pre-programmed waypoints and also to take some more marks at designated landmarks.  The Linkquest was being used by both our crewmembers inside Aquarius and ExPOC in Houston to track where we were during the dive.

More CMAS1 activity with the EEG net and latency tasks.  We're all looking forward to finding out what our brain waves tell the scientists about latency effects on our performance of the tasks.

We arranged to have a little post evening DPC celebration back at ExPOC to thank our families and everyone on the team for their support.  Today we passed the halfway point of our mission.  There was a really nice cake with our NEEMO 9 patch iced on it.  (Big thanks to Terry for working all of this for us!!)  We had the polycom set up so we were able to talk and see everyone too --- seeing our families is always a nice treat!

During dinner we decided to watch a movie.  So.... we donned our red caps, sat down at the table with our burgers and mashed potatos, and commenced watching "The Life Aquatic".  We thought it was an appropriate selection --- and there were definitely scenes I found funnier now than before my NEEMO experience.