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Splashdown +4 days

Had a great night's sleep last night and found myself very comfortable in my bunk this morning when the 06:00 alarm went off.  It's very cool and now strangely reassuring to wake up every morning and have our friends the groupers still looking in on us!  We got off to a quick start this morning.  More CMAS1 activities throughout the day (this is the EEG and computer based tasks that look at brain wave activity resulting from different latencies imposed on the operator).  We also did a lot of troubleshooting on the ROV remote operations with our Houston mission control center.

Today was the first day I noticed (felt it in my ears) a constant change in the pressure inside the habitat.  We had heard before that this might happen if the surface was rough.  And Jim confirmed that today that is the case.  Dave also showed me how you can look out one of the view ports and pick something in the water and watch it- you can see the path it takes with the surge from the waves. The fish tend to go with the flow too when they're just hanging out there.  Pretty cool.

I'm going to be ready for the comfort of my bunk tonight.  Looking forward to Ross sharing another bedtime story with us about his adventures tagging great white sharks!