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Splashdown +3 days

Today I celebrated my 9 year wedding anniversary at 60 feet undersea.  Jim and Ross were kind enough to let me post an anniversary greeting to Chris so that he could see it on the cameras.  I think it went over well.  I'm very fortunate to have a family that understands my being away for important training like this.

We had a very busy day today. More SL17 dives, more ROV activities, more educational outreach, and more vivo robot -- all very cool stuff.  We also started a new telemedicine activity with our CMAS friend "Dr. Tony", which involves stabilizing large bone fractures (aka, external fixation). Very interesting -- the scenario is that an astronaut or someone in a remote location has broken their leg and evaluating how well a non-physician (maybe another astronaut) could stabilize the break using provided tools and telementoring from an expert at some remote location. It went really well -- Dr. Tony provided expert guidance to each of us while we used the power drill and rods and pins to stabilize the fracture of artificial leg bones (our simulated patient).  It looks kind of scary when it's complete, but it would help to get the injured person back in action!

Today we had our first "visitors" to the habitat. Bill Weir from ABC News Good Morning America joined us for a short interview. Nice guys and I think they were impressed by the Aquarius coolness factor and seemed equally excited about the space program.  Sounds like they will be playing the interview on their Saturday morning show.

I'm lying in my bunk typing this journal entry. The bunk room has another large view port at the end. The show outside tonight is beautiful (as you can imagine it is every night). Lots of yellow fin snapper that scatter quickly and appropriately when the large barracuda makes a pass by, and 3 really large and beautiful goliath grouper that hang gracefully by the habitat throughout the day and they don't seem to scatter for anything. Tonight while I'm watching them it crosses my mind when they look in at me through the view port that they remind me of my dogs at home when they're at the back door waiting patiently for someone to let them in.