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Splashdown +13 days

Easter Sunday on Aquarius. We woke up without an alarm and basically had the day off.  We had a special celebration of Easter at the end of Ron's family conference. Ron called his friend Monsignor Sable in Rome and he shared some short Easter readings and prayers with us, blessed Aquarius and its crews, and said a blessing for an STS 107 pin we were going to place out on the reef later in the day. And later in the day Dave did just that and placed the pin in a beautiful piece of reef just off the bow of Aquarius.

The rest of the day we spent catching up on crew photos, talking with our families, and helping Jim and Ross get some of the equipment we won't need any more for the mission ready to be sent topside.  We also had a little time to take the ROV out for a run.  The Easter bunny, aka Scuttle Bunny down here on Aquarius, was somewhere out on the reef and needed a ride home.  We were happy to provide assistance!

Thanks to our topside team for the relaxing timeline for our Easter Sunday and for the yummy chocolates and very funny cards they sent to us.  They know how to take care of us!